Staincliffe CE Junior School

Respect, Trust, Courage and Joy

Lunchtime at Staincliffe


Y3 and Y4 lunchtime 12.00 - 12.40pm

Y5 and Y6 lunchtime  12.40 - 1.20pm


Children who are not having a school meal can bring a packed lunch or go home for lunch.

School Meals

School meals cost £2.55 per day (£12.75 per week). They are freshly prepared each day in our school kitchen. We have an individual menu designed in consultation with pupils, parents, Kirklees Catering Team and school staff. It is very important for all children to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Research has shown that a child's concentration levels are much greater if they have eaten a healthy, balanced meal at lunchtime. Halal meat and vegetarian options are always available on the menu. 

Children choose their meal at morning registration using the School Meal Selector system.  Their choice is sent directly to the kitchen. This ensures they get their chosen meal each day. 

If your child is on a special diet for medical reasons, special arrangements are made. Any food allergies should be reported to the school office.

Your choice of lunchtime arrangements must be followed for the full half term. Preference forms are available at the office in the last week of each half term, if you wish to change your choice.


Free School Meals

As well as receiving a free school lunch, children on our Free School Meal register receive:

    • reduced price school trips
    • reduced price for Cliffe House visit
    • free lunchtime clubs

Please click the link below to see if you are entitled to free school meals. If you are entitled PLEASE claim them (even if your child goes home for lunch or has sandwiches) as it has a big effect on how much funding the school receives.

If you would like help filling in the forms please call in to school and we will support you.

Applications should be made online at (this takes approximately 10 minutes)


Paying for school meals

We offer 2 ways to pay, online using the ParentPay secure website or via Paypoint at many local shops with this signPayPoint | Grocery Trader

The school office can help you set up a secure online account with Parentpay that can be accessed via smartphones and tablets as well as laptops and desktop computers. We can also order you a payment card for you to use at Paypoint retailers if you wish.

It is important that school meals are paid promptly in order for the catering service to be run efficiently and effectively.

Payment should be made weekly on a Monday.



Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu