Staincliffe CE Junior School

Staincliffe CE Junior School

Respect, Trust, Courage and Joy

Year 3 

Teachers - Mrs Powell (3P), Mr Daji (3D), Miss Wilby (3W)

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Jasat, Mrs Hussain, Miss Knapton and Miss Goodward.


Below is the AUTUMN TERM overview - this covers everything that your child will be working on throughout the autumn term in Year 3. 

For the full year overview of all subjects covered across this year group, please click on the Long Term Plan link below:

Year 3 Long Term Plan 2023-2024


PARENTS' OVERVIEW - AUTUMN TERM 2023/24 (downloadable doc)






This term, the children will be reading, writing and ordering numbers up to a 1000, revising mental strategies and number facts. They will learn how to add and subtract using the column method. The children will revise 2,5 and 10 times table and the related division facts and also learn 3, 4 and the 8 times tables. They will be applying this knowledge in order to solve multiplication problems and sums. The children will be measuring lengths using mm, cm and m. To finish the term, they will be taught basic fractions e.g. identifying quarters and halves.


Times Table Rock stars

Your child will be given a username and password for access to an app called ‘Times Table Rock stars’ which can be accessed by any mobile device e.g. Phone, tablet and laptop. Through this app, the children have a great opportunity to learn their times tables in a fun interactive way.



In Literacy in the first half term of the Autumn Term, Year 3 will be looking at a variety of fictional texts e.g. Pirate Pete, a Roald Dahl book and also another based on pirates. The children will be encouraged to use descriptive vocabulary when describing characters and settings. In Non-fiction, we will be looking at non-chronological texts and the children will write their own based on research and another on their own imaginary creature.

In the second half term, the children will study the classic story of ‘Demon Dentist’ by David Walliams and will write an interview. They will also read ‘Into the Forest’ by Antony Browne and also write a play script. To finish off the Autumn term, the children will learn to write instructions.


Guided Reading

In our guided reading the children will look at a variety of texts both fiction and non-fiction. The children will be taught how to answer questions based on ’VIPERS’ which are vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summarise.



Physical Education



In PE, our first learning focus is ‘Personal’ and is all about being resilient in PE. We will learn how to ask for help when we need it, begin to challenge ourselves and persevere and improve our performances throughout the unit. Our main skill will be footwork where we will practice different movements using our feet and then apply them in various games and challenges.

In the second half term, our learning focus will be ‘Social’ and is all about supporting others in PE. We will learn how to help, praise and encourage others, show patience and organise roles and responsibilities during group tasks. Our main skills will be jumping and landing where we will practice different movements using our feet and then apply them in various games and challenges.


PE Days: Monday – 3D, Tuesday – 3W, Thursday – 3P





The children will be taught how to plan and do an investigation. They will then apply these skills and do two investigations on floating and sinking and testing materials to see which are waterproof.

Our main topic is ‘Animals and Humans’. They will learn that animals and humans need nutrition and they get nutrition from what they eat. Also they will learn that humans and some animals have skeletons and muscles for support, protection and movement.



This term, we will be focussing on 3 different topics. The topics we will be learning about are:

  • 2Type- The children will learn how to type and how to position their hands on a keyboard.
  • Email- Children will learn to communicate through composing and sending emails safely.
  • Online Safety- The children will learn how to keep safe online.



Personal Social
Health Economic Education


In the first term, our topic will be ‘Being Me in My World’. The children will learn about self-identity and worth, rights and responsibilities, making responsible choices, rewards and consequences.

In the second term, our topic will be ‘Celebrating Differences’. The children will learn about families and their differences, bullying and how to solve it and recognising how words can be hurtful.



Religious Education


This term the children will learn about the creation stories from Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Sikhism. They will think of the similarities and differences between them. They will raise the awareness of a world issue and think of ways to look after the world around them.




The children will explore different types of settlements, land use, and the difference between urban and rural. They will describe the different human and physical features in their local area and make land use comparisons with New Delhi.






In the second half term the children will be introduced to two new skills this half term: the cross stitch and applique. After learning these techniques, they will apply their knowledge to designing and making their own cushions.



Modern Foreign Languages (French)


Greetings - Children will learn how to introduce themselves. They will use greetings to say hello, goodbye and goodnight.

Playground games- Children will count in French from 1-12, recognise different numbers, words and ask someone how old they are.




This term in history, children will be answering our ‘Big Question’- What can we learn about history and how and why things have changed by looking at our local community?

In this unit of work, children will understand the term chronology and will be able to sequence main British time periods into chronological order. They will then discover that the design of buildings change over time and they have distinct features which help us to identify roughly when they were built. Children will then have the opportunity to apply this knowledge and will go on a local walk, looking out for buildings from different periods of time. Finally, they will look at maps from Staincliffe ranging from 1854 to the late 20th century. Here, they will see the development of our community over this period and delve into the reasons behind its expansion.




Children will be introduced to learning about the language of music through playing the glockenspiel.


Art and Design


In Art, the children are going to be learning about cartoon drawing by an artist called Carl Giles. We will be looking at tone, tint and shade and will be having a go at making our own paintings using just one colour! We will then be looking at the way other artists draw cartoons and we will be having a go at drawing our favourite soft toy brought in from home. Lastly, we are going to read a story and make a sock puppet from that story!




We follow the spelling patterns from Spelling Shed.

The children can then use the website to practice their weekly spellings choosing the level of support they need. Each child in Year 3 has a copy of the spelling lists in their school book bag.

Children who are having phonics teaching will get spellings from their phonic phase.

We will also cover the spellings from the Statutory Year 3/ 4 list.




Every week Year 3 children will be given homework on Friday (due in the following Tuesday):

  • be expected to read their reading book and get their reading record signed x3 weekly
  • Play 5 sound check games on TT Rockstars and 5 Spelling Shed games.
  • Learn their times tables - the children will be told which timetable to learn.
  • Learn their weekly spellings (each week has a different list focus that the children have been practising in school that week) this is given out on Monday and the test is the Monday after.


Black Book Homework.

This will be given out every 2-3 weeks. The dates are below.


Year 3 Autumn Black Book Homework 2023

Please write in pencil only in your book and colour in using coloured pencils or felt tips.


Due Back

Year 3 Autumn Term Homework 2023


20.09.23 05.10.23 Write and decorate an Autumn poem.
11.10.23 24.10.23 Write about one of your hobbies.
26.10.23 03.11.23

Draw and write about your favourite meal.

09.11.23 23.11.23

Make an information poster on the skeleton.

29.11.23 12.12.23 Invent a new chocolate bar and design an advert to persuade people to buy it.
15.12.23 10.01.24 Cook something at home and write a list of instructions.


Oxford Owls


Also Oxford Owls is a resource where children can find books to read.

Your child will have been given a user name and a password.




It is important that the children remain hydrated and there are areas in all classrooms for children to keep a labelled water bottle from home. Please ensure that your child brings a water bottle into school. 


PE Lessons

All children will be taking part in PE lessons.

3D’s day for P.E is every Monday.

3W's day for P.E is every Tuesday.

3P’s day for P.E is every Thursday.

Please make sure that your child has a PE kit in school, which includes a change of footwear suitable for playing games. 

If your child wears earrings, these need to be removed for PE or covered up with tape – your child must be able to do this themselves.  Long hair should be tied back.


Nut Allergies

There are a number of children in school with nut allergies. If you send your child to school with a pack lunch, Please DO NOT send any biscuits and chocolate bars containing nuts, or nut-based spreads in sandwiches.