Staincliffe C of E Junior School

Staincliffe C of E Junior School

Respect, Trust, Courage and Joy

Year 3 

Teachers - Mrs Powell, Mrs Ward, Mrs Hardy (Mrs Patel on a Friday).

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Zareef, Mrs Jasat, Mrs Ali.


Below is the Spring term overview - this covers everything that your child will be working on throughout the Spring term in Year 3. 

For the full year overview of all subjects covered across this year group, please click on the link below.

Year 3 Long term plan 2021-2022.


To look back at the work your child covered last term, click on the link for the Year 3 Autumn term overview.

Year 3 Autumn term overview 2021.





This half term in maths, children will be developing their fraction knowledge by learning how to order and compare fractions and finding fractions of shapes and numbers. They will be learning to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes using an analogue clock and some children will learn how to tell the time to the nearest minute. They will understand how to read time in 12 hour digital and will start to gain knowledge in how to read time in 24 hour digital. In addition, they will work on word problems focusing on duration. They will be developing their data handling skills by looking at reading, presenting and interpreting pictograms, bar charts and tables. Towards the end of the half term, the children will work on their place value skills learning to round to the nearest 10 and the nearest 100. Finally, they will apply their knowledge of column addition and subtraction by working out money problems.



In Literacy in the first half term of the Spring Term, Year 3 will be looking at a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts based on the Vikings. They will start by focussing on a story about a Viking called ‘Erik Bloodlust’.  They will create their own Viking story and will be taught about expanded noun phrases, different sentence starters, inverted commas and conjunctions. They will also learn to improve their own writing. The children will then write two non- chronological reports based on the Vikings. In our final week of the half term the children will write poems including a kenning based on Vikings.


Guided Reading.

In our guided reading the children will look at a variety of texts both fiction and non-fiction. The children will be taught how to answer questions based on ’VIPERS’ which are vocabulary, inference, prediction, explanation, retrieval and summarise.


PE- Physical Education

In the spring term 1, Year 3 will develop their cognitive skills in P.E. They will work individually and with their partner by practising walking in different ways both forwards and backwards. This includes walking by lifting their knees and elbows up and lunge walking. They will also focus on balancing. The children will work individually and with their partner. They will be encouraged to explain what they are doing well and how they can improve. They will be encouraged to challenge themselves and to improve on their previous performances.



This half term, Year 3 will be learning about forces, friction and magnetic attraction. They will learn about forces in the context of pushing and pulling, and will identify different actions as pushes or pulls. The children will work scientifically and collaboratively to investigate friction, by exploring the movement of a toy car over different surfaces. They will work in a hands on way to identify magnetic materials. Furthermore, they will conduct an investigation into the strength of different types of magnet. The children will have chance to explore the way magnetic poles can attract and repel in an exciting activity. They will develop their scientific enquiry skills, making observations, predictions and conclusions.



The learning will focus around one song: The Dragon song. It’s all about kindness, acceptance and happiness.   The children will listen to traditional tunes from around the world that Lesley (the dragon) might have heard during her travels. They will listen and appraise the tunes.



In this unit of coding, the children will be reading and explaining a flowchart. They will then create a computer programme that involves using different commands.


PSHE- Personal Social Health Economic Education

In PSHE this half term our focus will be ‘dreams and goals’. The children will be discussing challenges and successes and will be writing about overcoming or celebrating these. They will also be identifying their own dreams and ambitions and working out the best ways to tackle any difficulties they may face. Year 3 will also be learning how to stay focussed, motivated and enthusiastic when they are faced with new challenges by having a positive attitude and taking responsibility for their own learning. The children will also discuss any times they may feel frustrated when their dreams may seem out of reach and how to manage these feelings. At the end of the unit we will be evaluating our learning process and identifying how we can improve it next time.


RE- Religious Education

In RE this term, we will be learning about Judaism. In this unit of work, we will be answering our ‘Big Question’- How do Jews remember God’s covenants with Abraham and Moses? Children will learn about the promises God made to them and what they did in return for him. They will understand how these stories affect how Jews live their lives today. They will learn about Pesach (Passover) and the Seder. In addition, they will understand how and why Jewish people spend their day of rest. Children will find out about what it is like inside a synagogue and will be able to name key parts and objects that belong there.


Art and Design skills

This half term we are going back in time to create some prehistoric art! We will be looking at how people in the past created art work on cave walls and we will even be using some natural ingredients found on a nature walk to make our own paint! The children will be drawing some animals native to Britain, trying to replicate the prehistoric style. We will be using a variety of equipment to create tone and texture such as charcoal and we will even be creating our own surfaces to draw on. To round off the unit, the children will be working collaboratively to create a large piece of art in the style of the ‘Cueva de las Manos’.



In History this half term, we will be answering our ‘Big Question’ –Were Vikings just vile and vicious or was there more to them than meets the eye?

We will learn where Vikings came from and look at the reasons why they came.  We will look at some Viking artefacts and try to unpick what these objects are and what this tells us about these people and how they lived. We will learn about the key events in Viking history and understand how this fits into the timeline of other major events Britain. We will look at different sources of evidence to understand why perhaps Vikings have a bad reputation. Children will then have the opportunity to research an aspect of Viking life using the internet and share their findings with the class. Finally, we will learn about their beliefs and hear some of their famous Viking sagas.



Year 3 will be focussing on geography, D.T and French next half term instead of history, music and art.



We follow the spelling patterns from Spelling Shed.

The children can then use the website to practice their weekly spellings choosing the level of support they need. Each child in Year 3 has a copy of the spelling lists in their school book bag.


Every week Year 3 children will be given homework on Friday (due in the following Tuesday):

  • be expected to read their reading book and get their reading record signed x3 weekly
  • Play 5 sound check games  on TTRockstars and 5 Spelling Shed games.
  • Complete the given 2Do’s on Purple Mash.
  • Learn their times tables- the children will be told which timetable to learn.
  • Learn their weekly spellings (each week has a different list focus that the children have been practising in school that week) this is given out on Monday and the test is the Monday after.

Black Book Homework.

This will be given out every 2-3 weeks. The dates are below.

Year 3 Spring Term Homework 2022

Please write in pencil only in your book and colour in using coloured pencils or felt tips.

Home Learning

Also Oxford Owls is a resource where children can find books to read.

Your child will have been given a user name and a password.




 It is important that the children remain hydrated and there are areas in all classrooms for children to keep a labelled water bottle from home. Please ensure that your child brings a water bottle into school. 


PE Lessons

All children will be taking part in PE lessons. Our P.E day is Monday.

Please make sure that your child has a PE kit in school, which includes a change of footwear suitable for playing games. 

If your child wears earrings, these need to be removed for PE or covered up with tape – your child must be able to do this themselves.  Long hair should be tied back.


Nut Allergies

There are a number of children in school with nut allergies. If you send your child to school with a pack lunch, Please DO NOT send any biscuits and chocolate bars containing nuts, could be left at home.