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Absence and term time holiday requests 



Keeping your child safe is imperative to us so it is important we know where every child is, everyday. We are also required by law to keep a record of authorised and unauthorised absences. 

We ask parents to let the school know as soon as possible in a morning if their child will not be coming into school that day. We will ask why they are absent and when they are likely to return to school.


This can be done by:

Everybody at Staincliffe CE Junior School is committed to ensuring that each of our children gets the best possible start to life. One way we can do this is through ensuring regular school attendance. Evidence shows that children who attend school regularly are more successful, not only in school, but in all areas of life.

You should not take your children out of school during term time unless you are granted authorised leave of absence by the Headteacher. If you do take your child out of school without the leave of absence being authorised, the head teacher may direct the Council to take measures to issue either a penalty notice or prosecute you as parents. In certain circumstances, schools may remove the child from the register if leave of absence is taken for an unreasonable amount of time. The penalty notice is for £60, per parent, per child which rises to £120 if you don't pay within 21 days. If you don't pay the fine after 28 days you may be prosecuted (under Section 444 of the Education Act) for the offence of failing to ensure your child's regular attendance at school. You will receive a separate summons for this which will give you notice of the time and date of the court hearing.

We know that illness is unavoidable and to be expected and we’re all a little more cautious due to our experiences during the pandemic. However, it is very important to inform the school on the first day of absence with the reason either by phone, by email or in person at the school office. All schools have a ‘First Day Calling’ Procedure, which means if school has not received a reason for absence once the register has been completed in the morning, then the following procedure will be followed:

  1.   A phone call and/or text to the first name on the contact list asking for a call to school to notify and confirm the reason for absence.  

  2.   If there is no response, school will ring numbers on the contact list, until a reply is received.

  3.   If school have has no response, school will send a second text and a home visit will be made if possible, by either school staff or other agencies working with the      family.

  4.   School will contact the Police if all other stages have been completed and there is still no contact regarding the absent child. We need to ensure that all children      are accounted for, and if we are unable to make contact, then the Police will be informed. Please note that this procedure is in place in all schools to ensure the        safety and wellbeing of children and families.


Term time holiday/leave of absence requests

The current law does not give any entitlement to parents to take their child on holiday during term time. If you intend to take your child out of school during term time please complete a notification of leave of absence form which can be collected from the school office, or found in the appendices of our Attendance Policy.

Where family holidays or extended leave is taken without the school’s permission:

  • The absence will be treated as unauthorised and recorded in the school registers;

  • Parents can be given a penalty notice or prosecuted for periods of unauthorised holidays;

  • In certain circumstances, the child may be removed from the school’s register.