Staincliffe CE Junior School

Staincliffe CE Junior School

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Transition 2021

 Unfortunately, we can not have our usual transition day this year, but, subject to restrictions being lifted, there will be a chance for your child to meet their new teacher on Monday 19th July.


Just in case the 19th July can't go ahead, the teachers have made videos to welcome you and tell you about your new class. If you want to ask your child's new teacher a question, please use the year group email addresses:

Year 3 -

Year 4 -

Year 5 -

Year 6 -


Classes for 2021-2022:

YEAR 3:    3P - Mrs Powell (Year Group Leader)    3W - Mrs Ward    3H - Miss Hardy

YEAR 4:    4P - Miss Parkes (Year Group Leader)    4D - Mr Daji    4J - Mr Jones

YEAR 5:    5L - Miss Leithgoe (Year Group Leader)    5R - Miss Ritchie    5SR - Miss Squires (Mon - Wed) &  Mrs Ravat (Wed - Fri)

YEAR 6:    6O - Mr Tiplady (Year Group Leader)    6W - Miss Wilby    6T - Miss Thomas


4P - Miss Parkes

5L - Miss Leithgoe

5SR - Mrs Ravat

6W - Miss Wilby

4D - Mr Daji

5R - Miss Ritchie

6O - Mr Tiplady

4J - Mr Jones

5SR - Miss Squires

6T - Miss Thomas