Staincliffe C of E Junior School

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Staincliffe Hall Road, Batley
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Respect, Trust, Courage and Joy


 Unfortunately we can not have our usual transition day this year. The teachers have made videos to welcome you and tell you about your new class. If you want to ask your new teacher a question, log onto Purple Mash and go to their blog. They will be available all day on Thursday  16th July to answer your questions and to say hello. 

Your teacher will mention some Summer learning packs, you can find them here:

Year 3 + 4 

Year 5 + 6


New classes 2020-2021

Year 4  Year 5  Year 6 


3P are now 4P - Miss Parkes

3R are now  4D - Mr Daji   

3W are now 4J - Mr Jones 

4P are now 5L - Miss Leithgoe

4E are now 5R - MIss Ritchie

4D are now 5TP - Mrs Tankard 

5U are now 6O - Mr Tiplady

5L are now 6T - MIss Thomas

5W are now 6W - Miss Wilby


and Mrs Ravat




4D Mr Daji

5L Miss Leithgoe

6T Miss Thomas

4J Mr Jones

5R Miss Ritchie

6W Miss Wilby

4P Miss Parkes

5TR Mrs Tankard and Mrs Ravat

6O Mr Tiplady