Staincliffe CE Junior School

Staincliffe CE Junior School

Respect, Trust, Courage and Joy



The BBEST Community Hub CIC is a collaboration

of 22 local schools working together

to benefit the families of the children in our care.

Inspiring our community by delivering the highest quality support and education



Batley & Birstall Information Hub


We work in partnership with the 22 local schools in our area, our Local Authority, and local health services;

we have developed links with numerous local groups, organisations and people who are passionate

about our community – and so are we!

That is why our goal is to be a reliable source of information for residents of Batley, Birstall and surrounding areas.  

We've compiled lists of local groups where you can meet like-minded people,

of local support organisations who can support families and individuals,

of resources to help you to look after your own and you family's health and wellbeing… and so much more!

Our information Hub is where you can find all this!




For the latest BBEST news and information about what's going on in our area

for our children and families, click here.