Staincliffe CE Junior School

Staincliffe CE Junior School

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Parent & Community Worker (PCW)



Who am I?

Hello, I would like to introduce myself; my name is Debby Murphy and I work as a Parent and Community Worker (PCW) within the Mental Health support Team (MHST) in Kirklees. My role is to raise awareness and increase knowledge around mental and emotional health and how the impact of parents/carers own mental health needs can affect children and young people who they care for.


I do this by:

  • Building positive relationships with parents and carers, so that I can address any support needs and build up resilience.
  • By supporting parents/carers to access the Mental Health services that they need.
  • Identify with parents/carers, which self-care strategies will help them.

WAYS in which I work with parents and carers.

  • I facilitate Parent/Carer Information Sessions on a range of subjects linked to supporting children and young people’s Mental Health and Self Care for parents/Carers.
  • Provide Parent/Carer Self Care Group Activities within a school or community setting to promote positive mental health.
  • Organise informal coffee mornings.
  • Facilitate online learning around mental health topics for parents.
  • Offer drop-in sessions for parents to speak with me informally.


Referral Process

  • If you are a Parent/Carer of a child, you can speak to the Emotional Wellbeing Lead for school or the class teacher who will arrange for a drop-in appointment to be made for you so that I can speak with you.
  • Parents can self- refer via email at
  • Call Northorpe Hall on 01924 492183 and ask to speak to a PCW.