Staincliffe CE Junior School

Staincliffe CE Junior School

Respect, Trust, Courage and Joy

Year 5

Teachers - Miss Parkes (5P), Miss Eatwell (5E), Miss Hardy (5H).

Teaching Assistants - Miss Sadiq, Mrs Ali, Ms Khot.

Below is the AUTUMN TERM overview - this covers everything that your child will be working on throughout the autumn term in Year 5. 

For the full year overview of all subjects covered across this year group, please click on the Long Term Plan link below:

Year 5 Long Term Plan 2023 - 2024

PARENTS' OVERVIEW - AUTUMN TERM 2023/24 (downloadable doc)



During Autumn term year 5 children will learn about:

  • Place value
  • Mental/written addition and subtraction
  • Factors
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Angles
  • 2D and 3D shape
  • Length, perimeter and area
  • Time
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Dividing 4 digit numbers
  • Tables and bar charts
  • Decimals


Year 5 follow a progressive approach to maths where children are provided with experience of mathematical concepts in blocks of one or two weeks. Children will revisit these concepts throughout the year to ensure they have mastered the knowledge and understanding taught.  We encourage the children to be independent learners in maths and utilise their Maths Toolkit to support their learning when required.



In Literacy over the Autumn Term, Year 5 will be looking at a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts. We will begin by focusing on ‘The Highwayman’, a narrative poem. They will take part in an immersive experience getting to know a ‘real’ Highwayman. Our non-fiction writing will focus on explanation texts - informing readers how an ‘Ironing Machine’ works. A historical fiction text will also be studied – ‘Street Child’ by Berlie Doherty where children will write in role as a Victorian child. Finally, children will write and perform their own Haiku’s to finish a very busy term. We look forward to their performances!



Physical Education


5E and 5H literacy sets will be developing their cognitive and creative skills as part of their PE curriculum. They will learn to develop methods to outwit opponents, recognise and suggest patterns of play to increase their chances of success and learn how to develop their own work as well as helping others with theirs. They will do this through various small team games involving throwing and catching balls where they will work collaboratively by catching, dodging and throwing to earn points in the games. As well as this, children will be taking part in various level challenges to help improve their ball skills and co-ordination.

Later on, children will be taught creative ways to use their bodies by taking part in small team games which are not based on their feet for movement. They will develop their co-ordination and tactics and have to think creatively and skilfully to move and pass balls around to score points. The challenges this term are seated ones which strengthen core muscles and improve balance.

5P literacy set will attend swimming every Tuesday morning at Batley Sports and Tennis Centre where specialist swimming teachers will teach the children to swim.



Year 5 will begin Autumn term learning about Earth and Space. This unit gives the children the opportunity to star-gaze by learning more about the Earth and the celestial bodies in our solar system. Starting with an exploration of each plant – from Mercury to Neptune – this unit then explores how scientific ideas surrounding Earth’s movement and placement have changed over time. Children will complete an assortment of fascinating Mission Assignments – such as making a papier-mache model of the solar system – to deepen their understanding of the Moon, time zones and the night and day cycle.


Our second unit – ‘Properties of Materials’ takes children through six lessons where they learn how to: compare and group together everyday materials on the basis of their properties, including their hardness, solubility, transparency, conductivity (electrical and thermal) and response to magnets; know that some materials will dissolve in liquid to form a solution, use knowledge of solids, liquids and gases to decide how mixtures might be separated, including through filtering, sieving and evaporating; and finally, they learn how to give reasons based on evidence from comparative and fair tests, for the particular uses of everyday materials, including metals, wood and plastic.



In Music we will be looking at ‘Classroom Jazz 1’ where the children will be considering Jazz improvisation and Swing. The children will listen to four different pieces of music- Desafinado by Stan Getz (swing),  Cotton Tail by Ben Webster, 5 Note Swing by Ian Gray and Perdido by Woody Herman.

Children will practice various musical skills starting with listening and appraising to music, moving on to playing an instrument then finishing with performing and sharing with others. We can’t wait to hear what the children create!



Modern Foreign Languages 

In French this term the children will be transported into Space, linking with their Science work, developing their scientific vocabulary as well as their grammar. Pupils will develop their listening and language detective skills, using figurative language and develop their sentence structure by adding adjectives, using prepositions and making simple adjectival comparisons.



Our first topic will be coding. Children will use PurpleMash 2Code to learn how to create their own computer programmes. They will explore how to add commands such as timers and variables to their code.

Online safety - this is taught throughout the year and is frequently revisited.  Children will learn how to protect their privacy online and the importance of being careful with what they share. They will also learn about assessing the reliability of the websites that they visit.

Spreadsheets - children will learn what spreadsheets are. They will create different formulas to perform different mathematical calculations.

Databases - children will learn what a database is. They will learn how to retrieve information from a database and create a class database full of useful information.



Personal Social Health Economic Education

Our first topic will be ‘Being Me in My World’. We will look at comparing our lives with others in another country and explain why we have rules, rights and responsibilities to try and make the school and wider community a safe place. We will also think about how the actions of one person can affect others and look at and give some examples of this.


Our second topic will be ‘Celebrating differences-including anti-bullying’. We will look at the differences between direct and indirect types of bullying and think about strategies of how to help ourselves (either directly or indirectly in bullying). We will also think about why racism and other forms of discrimination are unkind and be able to share our opinions.



Religious Education

Throughout the Autumn term children will be exploring the question: Why are some places and journeys special?

We will look at the special journeys that people can make.  It includes pilgrimages and spiritual journeys as well as metaphorical journeys through faith.  We will also look at where these journeys take place and why/what people learn from them.  Children will look at the sacrifices that people make in order to carry out these journeys and how they enrich people’s lives.


Art and Design

Year 5 will develop their skills in art and design skills. They will use fine control with a pencil to make a detailed and analytical observational drawing. Children will take inspiration from the artist ‘Paul Klee’ and take a line for a walk, use a poem to create a portrait, create a collage from wrappers and paint an enlarged section of the drawn collage. We can’t wait to see their work!


Design Technology

Year 5 children will enjoy a textile topic in DT where they will design and make a stuffed toy for a younger child. They will plan their design idea, make decisions on materials and learn how to sew using a blanket stitch and finally evaluate their idea and product against their own design criteria.




Children will learn about Anglo Saxon invaders and settlers and the mystery of Sutton Hoo. Children will learn about what life was like in an Anglo Saxon village, clothing, food and drink, how they were ruled and why they wanted to settle in Britain.



Our ‘big question’ for autumn term is ‘What is life like in the Alps?’

Year 5 will consider the climate of mountain ranges and why people choose to visit the Alps; focusing on Innsbruck and looking at the human and physical features that attract tourists; investigating tourism in the local area and mapping recreational land use; presenting findings to compare the Alps to the children’s own locality.



We follow a spelling programme provided by Spelling Shed. Children can then use the website to practise their weekly spellings choosing the level of support they need. Children will be given a weekly spelling test to consolidate their spellings.


The children can then use the website to practice their weekly spellings choosing the level of support they need. Each child in Year 5 has a copy of the spelling lists in their school book bag. They will be given a weekly spelling test to consolidate their spellings.




Every week, Year 5 children will be given homework on Friday (due in the following Wednesday):

  • be given a maths activity, either linked to their learning that week or revisiting a previously taught skill
  • be expected to read their reading book and get their reading record signed x3 weekly
  • play on TTRockstars and Spelling Shed
  • learn their weekly spellings (each week has a different list focus that the children have been practising in school that week)

Each half term, Year 5 children will:

  • be set their black book homework tasks. They need to choose AT LEAST 3 activities to complete which will be shared with with their class and teacher. It could include art work, writing, computer presentations, 3D models, posters etc.