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Year 6 SATS Revision


Over the Easter holidays, the Year 6 teachers hope that the children will have a chance to have a lovely holiday and time to relax with family and friends.

If however, your child would like to spend some time revisiting some of the things they have been studying in preparation for their SATS tests starting on Tuesday 9th May, they have been sent home with a maths, reading and SPAG '10 for 10' paper.

The idea is that they do 10 minutes a day for the 10 days to keep their minds ticking over.

Below, there are also some additional revision packs available.  


The Year 6 Team 


KS2 Maths Arithmetic                       KS2 Maths Reasoning
HPT - Arithmetic - Paper 1a                                                                                  Reasoning Quiz 1

HPT - Arithmetic - Paper 1b                                                                                  Reasoning Quiz 1 Guidance

HPT - Arithmetic - Paper 2a                                                                                  Reasoning Quiz 2

HPT - Arithmetic - Paper 2b                                                                                  Reasoning Quiz 2 Guidance

HPT - Arithmetic - Paper 3a                                                                                  Reasoning Quiz 3

HPT - Arithmetic - Paper 3b                                                                                  Reasoning Quiz 3 Guidance

HPT - Arithmetic - Paper 4a                                                                                  Reasoning Quiz 4

HPT - Arithmetic - Paper 4b                                                                                  Reasoning Quiz 4 Guidance

HPT - Arithmetic - Paper 5a                                                                               

HPT - Arithmetic - Paper 5b                                                                               



KS2 Reading                                      KS2 SPaG
The Zika virus outbreak                                                                                       Booklet 1 - Grammatical terms and word classes

The story of Hercules                                                                                            Booklet 2 - Grammatical terms and word classes

The signing                                                                                                             Booklet 3 - verb forms and tenses

Theseus and the Minotaur                                                                                   Booklet 4 - punctuation

The science behind trampolines                                                                         Booklet 5 - SATS revision practice

The race