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Snow Procedure

7 February 2024 (by Paul Dixon (p.dixon))

The procedure school follows if snow has fallen or is forecast.....

If heavy snow falls overnight and it is deemed unsafe for school to open (due to conditions on and around the school site / staff unable to travel to school), then the following notifications will be available to parents/carers (please ensure your ParentMail app is working on your device):

 -     A ParentMail message from the school office will be sent advising that school is closed (please ensure your contact details are up to date with the school office and you have the ParentMail app downloaded on your current device).

 -     ‘School Closed’, with the date, will appear on the scrolling message bar on the ‘Home Page’ of our school website.

 -      The Kirklees Council’s website will be updated on our status (


Please avoid telephoning school - the phone lines can become jammed with the amount of calls and there may not be anyone on site to answer. If you haven’t heard anything through the 3 channels mentioned above, school will be open. We will endeavour to keep the school open, for those families who need us, unless we feel there are health and safety implications for us opening or we are unable to get enough staff into school in order to meet the required supervision ratios. It is at your discretion whether you send your child to school during snow and icy conditions.


If school is open but your child will be absent due to the adverse weather and you are unable to get your child to school safely, please still inform school of their absence for our registration purposes and we know where all our children are (a message can be left on the answer phone, or you can email the school office). Remote Learning activities will be uploaded as soon as possible and can be accessed via Purple Mash if your child cannot attend school, or if school has made the decision to close.


If the snow comes during the day and we make the decision to close once the school day has started, we will send a message via ParentMail to collect your child. If you wish to collect your child/ren at any time during the day, then please make arrangements with us.


In wintery weather conditions, it is important to send your child to school with appropriate clothing and footwear. Whenever possible, if snow has fallen and children are still in school, we do like to go outside and play. Children without coats/hats/gloves will not be allowed to play in the snow to avoid them becoming ill from being in the cold.


It is crucial that school has up to date contact details for parents/carers and the ParentMail app is downloaded on parent/carer’s current device - please speak to the school office if you need to update your contact numbers or if you need help accessing the app.