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School day timings

7 February 2024 (by Paul Dixon (p.dixon))

The school day timings at Staincliffe Junior School....

The school day starts at 8:45am, when classroom doors/school entrances open.

Gates/entrances into school will also be opened slightly earlier (approx. 8.40am) and parents/carers are reminded that the children remain the responsibility of yourselves until the classroom doors/school entrances are open and school staff are visible.

Classroom doors/school entrances will still close at 8.55am and any children arriving after this time needs to report to the main school office where their late arrival is recorded and arrangements made about school meals. A child will be registered with a late mark if they arrive after 8:55am and an unauthorised mark if they arrive after 9:15am.

The school day finishes at 3.00pm. School staff will wait with children who are to be collected by an adult until at least 3.05pm. If a child has not been collected from their classroom door/class exit, then the child will be taken to the school office for collection.