Senior Leadership Team



 Designated responsibilities


 Mrs Elaine Hobson

Whole school 

Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)

 Deputy Headteacher  Miss Jodi Bennett

Deputy DSL, Assessment, 

Teaching and Learning

 Assistant Headteacher Mrs Cath Tankard

 Inclusion and Special Educational Needs (SENco)

 School Business Manager  Ms Naomi Finch

Finance, Resources, HR, Premises,

Health and Safety, Administration





Responsibility / Curriculum area

     Year 3 Miss Laura Parkes

Year group leader


      Miss Rosie Khan Computing (ICT)
      Miss Lizzie Moyser  PE
      Mrs Muserrat Patel 


     Year 4 Miss Frankie Eatwell

Year group leader


      Mrs Anthea Ward  


      Miss Ellie Squires   Science 
      Mrs Vivienne Cochrane   French
     Year 5

Mr Oliver Tiplady


Year group leader

Deputy DSL


      Miss Katy Rushworth  NQT (newly qualified teacher)
      Mrs Jayne Powell  Literacy (reading)
      Mrs Naseem Ravat Art
       Mrs Sarah Lewis

Design Technology (DT)

    Year 6 

Mr Brendan Jones

Year group leader

Literacy (writing) 

       Miss Naeela Suleman

Health and Wellbeing

 Computing (ICT)

      Miss Sarah Leithgoe 

Maths Co-ordinator