The Chair of Governors is Mr M Patel.  Correspondence may be sent to the Chair of Governors via the school.

The Governors are local people who have taken the opportunity to be involved in the running of the school and to play a part in the education of our children.

Our Governors are made up of representatives from the local community, from political parties, from the church, parents and staff.

Other members have offered themselves to be co-opted on to the governing body itself or its committees.

The Governors work with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team to determine the aims and the curricular policy of the school.

Whenever a vacancy occurs for a parent governor the Headteacher will send written notice of the election in a letter to be taken home by pupils. If you would like to become a parent governor you can also apply in school.

 Name                                                       Appointment                    Term expires


Mrs Michelle Cromack Foundation  23/11/15
Father Gordon Newton Foundation  ex-officio

Mr Sajid Pathan





Mr John Broadhead * LA  11/2/16
Mr Inam Laher (vice chair) Co-opted  17/7/17
Mr Moin Patel (Chair) Co-opted  14/11/19
Mr Rafiq Ali Parent  19/10/18
Mr Mohammad Dad     Co-opted  22/9/17
Mr David Cost Co-opted ( support staff)  5/3/16
Mr Oliver Tiplady * Staff  30/4/17
Mrs Elaine Hobson



Ms Naomi Finch (School Business Manager) Associate Governor   
Ms Jodi Bennett (Deputy Head) Associate Governor   

* Mr Broadhead is also Governor at Carlinghow Princess Royal J I & Nursery School

* Mr Tiplady is on the Board of Directors at Batley Grammar School (Old Trust)


Committee membership 2016 - 2017

Resources  position Standards and Effectiveness  Position 

Mr John Broadhead

Mr Moin Patel

Mrs Elaine Hobson

Ms Naomi Finch

Mr David Cost

Mr Sajid Pathan

Father Gordon Newton


Vice Chair



Miss Jodi Bennett

Mrs Elaine Hobson

Mr Oliver Tiplady

Mr Inam Laher

Mr Rafiq Ali

Mr Mohammad Dad

Mrs Michelle Cromack




Ms Naomi Finch and Miss Jodi Bennett (Associate Governors) have voting rights with their committee membership.


Meetings of the full Governing Body are scheduled every half term.  The committees meet termly and when required.

For a list of our meeting dates and attendance for 2016 - 2017 please click here

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