Sports Premium Grant


This funding is given from the Government per academic year (September - July). Schools must spend the funding to improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils, but they are free to choose the best way of using the money.

For example, you can use your funding to:

  • hire specialist PE teachers
  • hire qualified sports coaches to work with teachers
  • provide existing staff with teaching resources to help them teach PE and sport
  • support and involve the least active children by running or extending school sports clubs, holiday clubs.
  • run sport competitions.
  • run sports activities with other schools


2016/2017 Allocation £9785

Focus for 2016-2017

Key objectives

To improve the general fitness of pupils at Staincliffe and continue to grow participation in competitive sport.

  • Initial questionnaires show that less than 20% children access activities outside of school or take part in active sports
  • Many children state they ‘do not enjoy’ sports/ PE sessions in school
  • Buy in expert coaches- support children & teachers
  • Promote a wider range competitions & activities
  • Promote girls sport

To improve access to indoor and outdoor provision

  • To create a store cupboard that is accessible and easy to organise.
  • Practitioners can easily access resources to set up for PE.
  • PE cupboard is clear and safe.
  • Ensure outside space is used to its optimum

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2015/2016 Allocation £9795

Focus for 2015-2016

Key objectives

Further develop opportunities for intra and inter competitive sports and range of opportunities for all children.

  • Low numbers of pupils accessing clubs outside of school eg football or rugby etc
  • Majority of parents low income restricting access to other activities for pupils and also issues re going       mosque- little opportunity to have after school clubs.
  • Children with disabilities or educational needs not accessing competitive sports.

To improve markings in hall and playground

  • Poor playground markings – children lack interest / motivation as difficult to see
  • Hall markings don’t support teaching of indoor PE lessons

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Previous year


2014 - 2015 - allocation £9780

Sports Premium used for?

Amount allocated to the intervention or action (£)

Brief summary of the intervention or action,

Specific intended outcomes: What will it achieve if successful?

How will this activity be monitored, when & why whom?


Actual impact:

What did the activity or action actually achieve?


Employing an external sports coaching company within school



Employed one day a week and after school for the full academic year to:

·         work alongside teachers delivering outstanding sports coaching

·         provide high quality planning of PE/sports lessons

·         deliver lunchtime and after school activities/clubs.

Teachers will observe good and better teaching of PE and be coached to improve own skills.


Teachers will have access to quality differentiated planning. Show a progression of skills.


Pupils will experience a range of different sports


Sports coach to be observed by curriculum area leader once per term.

Planning to be monitored by curriculum area leader.

Teacher confidence questionnaire to be completed at end summer term

Teachers to be observed teaching PE to evidence improvements in skill

Staff were introduced to different sports-now included on the curriculum planning.

More children accessing sports clubs after school and during lunchtimes

Questionnaire showed increased confidence in staff.


Membership to the North Kirklees School Sports partnership

£1785 (£5 per child)

Improve community links and access to interschool sports

Enable school staff to work with schools in our community to ensure we have access to high quality PE, sports and physical activity resources.

Make links with other schools- inter school CPD.

SEN children to have greater access.

Competitions to be accessed.

Children complete sporting events in and outside school.

School Sports leaders from year six are trained to provide student led PE activities in school.

Monitored by sports leader termly.

To ensure at least three interschool activities per term.

Management to support staff to cover for school-time games.

Pupils took part in competitions arranged, by Staincliffe staff, through the partnership including cricket and football.

Staff completed CPD.

Coaches came in to teach sessions – e.g. year three multi-skills.

SEN pupils accessed sports comps.